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Slayer Academy

The Slayer Academy is recruiting. Set in a university several hours north-east of San Francisco they watch and train the new slayers- and help stop Apocalypses both big and small. We have many original characters and are currently recruiting:


Where-Andrew-Is-Now Example

I think of Spike and Robin sometimes. The way they look at each other during the Watcher Council meetings. There was restrained sexual tension there so thick that you needed a scuba mask to breath. I've been staying here with our men- well actually our slayers and helping train them. Including Maya.

Mr. Giles thinks I can be a Watcher.

I think being a Watcher is kicking my ass.

I like to think of myself more as a Jedi Knight in Training but Mr. Giles doesn't like me calling him Master even when I'm teasing.

I wish we could keep our secret headquarters a little more secret. Maybe a cloaking device. Okay, we have to train Slayers in a Academy and okay it's kind of hard to keep that a secret when your recruiting them from all the way around the planet. I'm just saying if we keep on bringing slayers in soon there will be more slayers then four year students studying for a degree.

As for the killings of the slayers I think there's no exact pattern to the naked eye about it except for the part that they are dead. And slayers. I think I'll investigate this further with my trusty dusty CSI DVD's to help. And this rumor I hear about Warren my love being back. That means I can't crush on Jonas anymore..

That just makes me feel festive. And proud. I almost died for their cause and now I am getting my Warren back . I must have been so very good. So much good dharma built up that I'm about to get my Yoda to meet Warren again in the flesh.


Where-Spike-Is-Now Example

Some bloke torched the library. Connor thought he'd go take care of whoever did it with his fists. I'm on my way to join him right now.

These girls are what I'm a hero about now these days and if anyone touches them- their losing their privates. God! The prices they charge for blood locally.

It's eating up all of the cash Giles gives me for Watching the girls. Showing them the moves. The old left and right and how to stake a vampire. I'm there for the lil 'bits when they need me.

The pay is good but my shirts keep getting holes in them when they jab in one of those plastic practice stakes. Yeah.

And I'm not even talking about the weirdness from Buffy. It's like we didn't have the greatest love of all time and she's moved on. Well.

Just because she did that doesn't mean we can't get back together. It's a, what-you-call, destiny. Words were uttered. Love was given. It was a whole eternal love sort of thing. Yeah.

Truth be told I'm having the time of my life. I may be a monster but I'm their Monster. They need me to help them. And I need to talk to Jonas. He smells like blood, old spilled human blood.

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