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Wesley Pryce

I am Wesley Pryce. These are my Co-Workers. Here are my pictures.
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Merry Christmas [20 Dec 2005|01:45pm]
[ mood | Good ]

Merry Christmas!

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sunnydale_cali [25 May 2005|06:22pm]
My dark brown hair had highlights from the light of this room. The fringes of my hair near the top of my head practically glowed with the light that shone through it.

My passionate blue eyes observed and watched her with a deep abiding love. "Fred." I groaned. She was the most unique and beautifully intelligent inside and out- and deep down inside woman that has ever lived. My lips kissed her own expressing my wanton love and passion for her.

My chin and jaw was only partially darkened by the hint of unshaven stubble. "Oh Fred... you are the one." I felt in love and excited by it.

My hips were slick and firm skin over taut muscle and my palms grasped her body.. wrapping her around me as I pressed into her. My lips suckling over her neck and her bosom as I take her more hard. "I know!" I said my ability to think momentarily lost in the pleasure of her love for me.
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FanFiction [09 May 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | Okay ]

This is my form for anyone who wants to write fan fiction with me.

Your Name:

Contact Information:


Who Writes What Character(s):


Sample or Link to Sample of Previous Work:

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sunnydale_cali [09 May 2005|05:07am]
I turned around and I lowered my head. The scars were here there and everywhere. I had a musky odor of manliness that slowly faded into the water as her caresses took away the tension that had been knotted up in the very depths of my bones.

I lowered my head and gazed at the reflection of the weater from where it rippled away from our limbs in the water. It created a shimmering effect almost as if we were not truly here. As if we were insubstantial beings made of light despite the quite logical deduction that- I feel alive and want- therefore I am.

My broad shoulders had muscle packed firm and tight over the bone. My skin was rough and created a friction as they moved over her bosom. "I need you." I groaned in that special way that only she could make me do.

My earlobe tasted like salt and was very warm. My abdomen flexed.. it was nearly flat except for the muscle which created a bulge when I flexed. My arms were all hard planes and I flexed my bicep creating a curve in the skin.

I was in my happy moment with her once more.
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sunnydale_cali [05 May 2005|08:03pm]
The water sloshes around our forms and my hands caress over her skin. The palms of my hands feel rough especially at the base of the fingers and the calluses over my right trigger finger and the v of my hand between my thumb and index finger.

Warrior calluses. My waist is firm and it feels wet and somehow that feels appropiate in this bath setting. My back is firm and muscular and I return her kisses ferverishly. My fingertips press up over her jaw and my love kisses become stronger as I taste her neck and lower jaw.

The stubble of my jaw feels liquid and rough and sandpapery all at the same moment.

"I love you Wesley, you can't imagine how much I missed having you here."

I gaze into her own eyes and cup the side of her neck with my hand. I realize that I need her- need Fred- the other half of my soul and the one person that makes existence worth bearing.

I gaze into her eyes and my fingertips slowly traverse up the back of her neck. I kiss her sudden as I feel her cherish me. I reach for the soap and I slickly lather it up over her thigh as I rest my forehead over her own.

"Of course Fred- I- I've also missed you as well." I babbled non sensically. Perhaps something more romantic would be more suitable Pryce.

"It makes me happy to be here with you... you.. being with you does me well. Please-"

I grasped for something, anything.

I found the wash cloth and handed it's dry folds to her as I gazed into her sweet intelligent strong eyes.

"Please- wash my back?" I inquired warmly.
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[22 Apr 2005|03:09pm]
Slayer Academy

The Slayer Academy is recruiting. Set in a university several hours north-east of San Francisco they watch and train the new slayers- and help stop Apocalypses both big and small. We have many original characters and are currently recruiting:

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )
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la_secrets [20 Apr 2005|10:03pm]
I awakened some time later. Perhaps if I could remember something. Anything. What happened to me remembering where I was? I wasn't feeling quite like the fireball slinging man I was a short time ago.

I had the taste of thick gunk in my mouth. There were times I disliked being British... this was one of them. I had a scent like blood, copper, and disinfectant. And sweat. Let's not forget that. I had used my powers to strike a blow against the Black Thorn... we all did. I had died a bit too easily in my estimation... but I had gone through a lot of trouble and since I was alive, it was probable that Vail was dead.

I listened again. I heard the distant sounds of footsteps over a flat linoleum like surface. I also heard muted voices and the occasional sound of a wheelchair being pushed down a enclosed hallway. I had fought, I had died, I had come back as a champion.

I sat up. I knew why I was here- to continue the fight. The sheet over the hospital bed felt soft and smooth underneath my hands. I considered calling a nurse but decided against it. My hand moved to the side and it grasped the edge of the hospital bed and held on tightly. Whiteness showed on my knuckles and my tanned faced grimaced as I struggled to open my eyes.

Finally I succeeded in this goal.

If only my father could see me now.
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la_secrets [19 Apr 2005|08:22pm]
I remembered fighting against Vail... and then nothing.

* * *

I struggled for life and found it. My arm rose into the air and my fist closed around the nearest shirt. It happened to be Faith's shirt. I yanked and pulled her tightly towards me going on sheer will. I had been smarter then the others. Smart enough to have my doubts about the success of our mission and yet also having the confidence to proceed forward.

Dark black hair. Matted down into thin tendrils that stuck out every which way. There was a light tan over my features. Smooth curve of a light brown eyebrows over each blue eye of mine. A smattering of hair over my chin and upper lip and deeply shaded lips. I had rough hewn features and a dried spatter of blood over my chin.

My arms were bare. I was in a hospital bed, and wearing one of those hospital tunics.

My tongue licked my dry chapped lips. I could not focus my eyes and there was just too much pain everywhere. The monitor connected to my body began beeping excitedly as my heart rate rose back towards normal. Wait. It got better. I was alive. I was alive, back from the dead.

But did we win? We did it the old fashion way. Warrior to warrior. But did we win? I smiled and grimaced. "Did we .. win?" I whispered in a guttural groan that whispered forth with all of the energy I could put into it. My anxious intense face rested near their own. I had such a grim and yet focused expression upon my features. I apparently was alive. My eyes were fastened shut.

I was under the conclusion that whoever was here was planning to either join us in the fight or had already fought by our sides. I wanted my books. I wanted supplies. I wanted... more then that. I had made my move. It was enough.

My fist unclenched and I collapsed back into the bed with a metallic thump, unconcious.

And Alive.
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your_welcome [19 Apr 2005|01:42pm]
Wesley? I can make a quick call..." I smiled genuinely. "Oh, but before I do, what sort of work should I get started on? I mean, my first day here, I'm kind of lost. Help the new girl out?"

I sipped my coffee and thought of my plans for the day. Temporal measurement and teasing Knox, check. Assessment of technological advancements, measure and classify them, check. Witty banter with a former Sunnydale High student who had the misfortune of being turned into a vamp during the fight with the Mayor, check. Oh, and apparently Anya was... here as well. "Your assigned to Spells and Counterspells Anya. Pick up your supplies tomorrow... you'll be researching how to break curses... as for now I think it's best we break for lunch."

I glanced down at one of the agenda sheets I was holding. The report indicated that the pattern of text was of a Hellenic derivation on the uncovered tablets. Apparently the scroll had been obscured due to fire but the prophecies were rather... interesting. It helped to have research assistants who knew what I was looking for and were able to acquire the prophecies I had been looking for while I attended to more useful things.

I smiled and turning my head and grinned to Gunn. "Gunn, you have to get out of here. Get as far away from this meeting as possible... or else it may turn you into a intellectual like me." I said warmly.

I stood and adjourned the meeting with a nod to everyone. Where to go eat? Well, I'd have to check the cafeteria to be sure but I was rather certain they would be all out of fish and chips at this time of day.
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wish_verse [19 Apr 2005|01:41pm]
The sun was beginning to set... which meant we had to hurry if we wanted to recover the glove and the ring soon.

My head was buried in the truck as I pulled out various instruments with a loud metallic clatter.

The pick, the explosives, the cord, the lights.. they made quite a bundle. I put them into their carry satchels and when I removed my head from the vehicle I noticed Faith was already walking in.

Ah. Initiative. Good then. I set out in Faith's direction and placed a helmet on my head. It was a hard hat with a attached light. I also heard voices talking.

I caught up with Faith.

I pointed in the direction I heard voices. "I hear voices.. over there." I said warmly to her.
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slayer_academy [17 Apr 2005|01:16pm]

They have a university. They train slayers. They train humans. It's 'now'.

Wanted: Giles

There is still time for me to be a fighter pilot. Or possibly even a grocer. I do think however that it is terribly difficult for me to tear myself away from the logistics of training the Watchers here as well as the few slayers that I also train. Poor Andrew just doesn't seem to grasp the finer points of training people. And that prank involving animating his Boba Fett doll last week and then it 'taking out' the rhododendron with it's miniature rocket launcher was a-absolutely a indication of his immaturity. I do so wish we could find better material then a young man with a crush on Carrie Fisher. Spike is performing admirably as a watcher, although I do so wish he'd spend less time with the slayer Tia and more time with the other slayers. Ah yes, also the library is burning and oddly enough Hamilton has been reported as being on the campus... I'll go out and help take care of it. Sense of duty and all that rot. After this pint and these mashers. I'm wonderfully excited that at last something terrible is happening. It's bad of me I know, but now that I know I can be all righteous wrath and chaos bringer soon I feel more chipper about life in a cold way.

Wanted: Willow

Okay, wards. Magical wards. I need to check the wards because my magic sense is tingling again. And not in the nice sense either. Come on. Something bad is on campus. Something evil. Lots of something evils. And now I just can't magic spell it away. I have the students in my computer class and my magic circle to take care of and the magical Saige I have to meet. I feel so bored now. And intense. I'm feeling intense. Like something has changed. When Tara came back... Wesley was being all mysterious why he did that... like, wouldn't you think I would be so happy now months later that we have her back? Right. Not. It's like it was several years ago. I'm not appreciating her as much as I used to. I know sometimes she looks at me and I'm wonderful. But... Those moments are becoming fewer and fewer again. And now there's these vampires and bads loose on campus. Uh, maybe I should talk to Spike about this. Maybe make him promise not to bite me first or anything but it takes a vampire to find a vampire right?

Send your character request, writing sample, and link example of previous activity with or without that character to wesley.pryce@gmail.com

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other_worlds [16 Apr 2005|10:25pm]
Wesley shifted his height to one leg as he snap-kicked with the other. He noticed with pleasure how well his Slayer was fighting- Buffy was in high form- both her skills in fighting- and in witty commenting- were in top notch shape.

His boot smashed into the knee cap of a vampire and as it groaned in pain. The vampire fell to the ground on it's knees- making a wet smacking noise as it's undead legs collided with the wet earth- and reaching out with its hands the vampire surreptitiously attempted to clasp on to Wesley's leg.

"At least, vamps just dust and you can sweep them away like lint on a cashmere sweater."

"Indeed. Although on good quality-" Wesley grunted as he thrust the point of his seven sided rosewood stake into another vampire that was approaching him from the left. At that moment the kneeling vampire wrapped it's long cold fingers around his leg and bit into it with a fleshy crunchy noise.

Wesley grimaced in pain and reaching behind his back- his elbow pointing out as he did so- he slid his silver sword out of its sheath in a smooth flowing motion and sweeping it down in a arc like moonlight he removed the vampire's head from it's body.

The head fell to the ground with a splat and the vampire's body fell to the ground with a splatter.

The earth shifted beneath her feet and she stumbled a bit.

"Wesley, what is it?"

"The buggers appear to be subterranean." He said gritting his teeth together. "You've done a very good job." He said warmly gazing over to her. "And now I believe it's time for us to make a strategic retreat."
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buffysplit [16 Apr 2005|10:10pm]
Faith had escaped from Prison. She was a danger and a menace to society... then again, I had also risked my life to save her own before she had been captured by the authorities.

I believed that even she could be redeemed.. somehow. The light from the street lights flashed over my face as I drove past the light and into the darkness. Closer to her. Closer to Faith who was on the street.

I mashed the accelerator of the vehicle to the floor with my foot and pumping the brake as I slammed the wheel to the side I brought the vehicle into a smooth glide where it almost floated over the surface of the ground.

I precisely brought it around in a 180 with the passenger door next to Faith. My thumb flicked over the electric unlock button and the passenger door unlocked with a plastic click.

"Get in." I said to her. My face was all hard planes and only the lower half was illuminated by a distant street light.
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sunnydale_cali [16 Apr 2005|10:05pm]
My shoulder was hard muscle and tendon, bone and meat. It provided a solid support for her head. My body had been engineered to perfection through my tireless application of myself to the weight room and of course, the regular patrols. My sky blue eyes gazed tenderly down into her own. The edge of my hand swept back her bangs as I caressed her forehead with my forefinger and middle finger and traced I - love - you.

"Forever us." I murmured passionately as I took her lower lip into my own and softly squeezed. My breath was warm and my tongue was even warmer as it traced over the flesh of her lower lip. I held her so close to me within my strong arms. I too, was smiling.

I felt myself fill with love and tenderness for her. The soft flesh underneath the third joint of my fingers delicately pressed up over her thigh and then my thumbs pressed inwards over her hips as I held her sides. I was united with her. I was in her and she was around me. I wanted her to be with me... so that we could protect each other as we slept.

I felt completed. I felt happy.

This was my happy moment.
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the_big_emptiness [16 Apr 2005|09:51pm]
I turned my body and gazed towards Willow as she sat in the chair. I noticed she was exhibiting what appeared to be like shock. This was hardly the moment for emotional distress but I knew I had to be there for her.

I turned my head and gazed directly towards her. I stepped closer to her. I was holding the phone awkwardly near my head with my elbow jutting out into the air. "Willow.. I am here. Look into my eyes." I asked warmly and strongly.

I half knelt before her. I turned my head and gazed into her eyes with my own clear strong blue eyes. I saw how horrible she was feeling. "I'm here. It's going to be okay." I said reaching out with my hand and reassuringly squeezing her shoulder.
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other_worlds [12 Apr 2005|05:02pm]
As Giles

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your_welcome [12 Apr 2005|05:01pm]
I waited for long moments impatiently waiting for Harmony to bring back my coffee. I ran through my mind the memory of her looking at her shoes. Her pink shoes. Her evilly pink shoes. When was the last time, anyone good or evil ever wore pink shoes in Wolfram and Hart? She was beyond living, dead, good or evil... she was in a unique category by herself.

She was just a martyr as those who had died that day fighting the Mayor...

I took the papers in hand that she had wanted me to sign and after giving them a detailed reading I shoved them into my briefcase and stood up. "Have the memo from the senior partners forwarded to me." I requested of Harmony as I extended my hand for the coffee.

"I want you to take a vacation. Immediately. Go someplace nice and dark... I hear the ice mines of Greenland are pleasent for vampires in the know. Consider yourself in the know. I will expect you back after this weekend."
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wish_verse [09 Apr 2005|09:55pm]
"We're digging up ancient artifacts before a opportunistic vampire finds them and makes use of them."

"Wasn't Indiana Jones one of yours?" I asked, referring to the fictional heroic archeologist who was also a American.

Perhaps it was a failing of my compatriots of Britain that while in fictional stories we had the Great Detective, and the Best Spy, we were outdone in archeology by a American.
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slayer_academy [09 Apr 2005|09:51pm]
(Part 2)

"There are so many villains in the world now. And villains just don't bow out stage left after the evening's play is done." that was our primary goal. To defend humanity from villainy.

"Our time needs a great need of heroes." I wryly smiled as I looked from her to me. We were not shaped like the heroes of old, like Oglath the Strong or Unhilda the Mighty in the ancient epics. We just looked like Wesley and Tara.

"It's more then simply fighting and killing. It's a expression- a extension of the will and desire to do what is right and good. Extended through swords in cutting... or hands in healing. To reconcile our differences among ourselves for the greater good of unity. So far we have been successful in that." What else- what else were we facing?

"To work for peace among humanity... through the protection of human life from occultic threads. We've managed to overcome racism, sexism, and nationalism here... I want to make it clear that we cannot lock slayers or watchers into the rigid boundary of this country or that country... they can be a gift for more then just the United Kingdom or the States- a gift for an entire world."

And of course at the moment the gift of the slayers was from the dark place. How so many times I wished it was from the better place.. perhaps then there would be less evil slayers rising.

I had to use my role as a leader to work in our own way for what was the good of all mankind.

It was time for me to use my conscience... it's a trifle dusty now but with some spit and polish it will buff up as good as new. It was time for me to set forth and continue being the Champion I was brought back to be. I stopped and looked around at the Slayer Academy- the buildings- the distant rolling green hills- and the people here.

My heart will never leave here.
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slayer_academy [09 Apr 2005|09:50pm]
(Part One)

"Yes I know you can. There is more confronting the chaos then the spell." I said warmly to Tara. I thought over the past and the last time everyone was confused and didn't know what to do. I decided to tell her a story.

"A group of young people leave behind their home town inside a school bus. Inside, The principle is trying to keep from dying. The man with the eye patch remembers someone who he has lost and he doubles over in pain next to the principle. The rest of them- the new slayers- know that this seperation from their home town cannot break the ties they had made together in Sunnydale. And in that moment after the battle they do not talk. They are lonely strangers in their seperate worlds."

"But now, no one here- from Sunnydale or not, is a stranger." I turned and gazed into her eyes with my own wise slate blue eyes. I smiled to her.

"Your resurrection and return was all part of my plan." I paused and then added warmly, "Thank you for working with us Tara. You've helped fulfill parts of my plan here already. And thank you for your gift of mentoring the students here." I decided to talk more about the past and how similiar the decisions taken then were the decisions we had made now.

"The awakening of the slayers was the best solution for the events in the past. And now we've tried a new solution- the conventional methods--education, training,- a university for them. All of which seems to be working on its surface." However-

"Events are rushing to meet us. And we must act... both to forestall the future of blood in the streets, knee deep... and to make a difference in each one of the students lives here. At the moment we can see how the community here has evolved. Like a heart beating... pumping with warm life." I looked around at the distant students here at Slayer Academy. And at the distant smoke of the pyre of the books from the library. I winced partially at the sight of that.

"Now what is happening recently is problemmatic." The deaths of the Slayers... the arson...

"I wish I could help them all more." I said. I felt sufficiently relaxed to share with her one of my secrets.

"There's nothing in the Watcher's Handbook or was in our old classes back in the day in England about rebuilding the Watcher's Academy after most of the previous members have been wiped out. There was no... extra credit for that."

That led me to my next thought, about our life here now. I wanted to cheer her. "Living our life.. here and now is a act of courage. I knew that when I died. I knew that when I came back from the dead. I knew I needed to live to see my friends, both old and new again. To be with the people I trusted.. and loved. " I had not really shared that with anyone until this moment.

"It takes courage to walk in a direction that nobody has walked up until now." Whether it was my resurrection.. or this spell.. or whatever challenges we would face in the future. Like whoever was killing the slayers. Like whoever was twisting the slayers. Evil. Villains.

I continued walking with her.
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