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Wesley Pryce
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Wesley is Love

1. If it was meant for us only, it stays between us. Which leads to the simple idea that what is under my friends cut, stays in my journal.
2. If we are friends, our friendship is based on us. You+Me. Two people only. I tend to be casual and laid back.
3. There are many good writers of Wesley. I am one of them.
4. There are many excellent writers out there who do not write het|(sex) scenes and their choice is respected. Respect my choice not to write a bent|(sex) scene. Thank you.
5. I expect threads to be finished out and for you to be dedicated to writing your character. I'm now leery of interacting with fresh 'out of nowhere' characters because of experiences with that. No out of character drama from you if you don't. I am usually very kind but I do have my limits.
6. If you want to write our characters together, then we just do it. Only let me know that you want to RP with me if you do want to RP with me.
7. Don't ask personal questions. Don't ask 'may I ask a personal question'. Respect my desire for privacy. Thank you.
8. Making me feel uncomfortable directly- such as giving me unwanted hostility out of character is harassment and is something nice casual laid back people simply shouldn't do.

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rpg is love
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Wesley is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator


divinecordelia I feel kind of odd writing this, because I don't know your real name. I know you are sweet and kind and patient. You love to RP and enjoy playing Wesley and refuse to slash him because of personal reasons. But your unslashed version of Wesley is nice.

_xxdawnxx_ HI, I'm D, and I'm here to tell you all the bitches love my wesmun. Well, at least I do, and a couple of people have called me a bitch, but I think they're just jerks, not like wesmun who is super cool and super sexy. Or at least he types sexy. He listens to all my worries and gives me good advice, whether I choose to take it or not, but if I don't I just end up looking stupid. I want to have his rpg babies. I want to smut him up hardcore, but my husband would kill me, so you should smut him up, like a bad little girl. He deals with my ramblings and gives me huggles, I taught him how to pounce! Make him pounce you! I would name my first born after him, but wesmun just sounds funny on a baby. *blows kisses* Time to do some Joss stalking!

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